Which Business Mobile Phone: Choosing the device to fit your operations

Which Business Mobile Phone: Choosing the device to fit your operations

With seemingly endless devices to choose from, establishing which business mobile phone models to deploy amongst your team for the most optimal results can appear a mammoth task. That being said, simply breaking down the many components of what makes a business mobile phone worthwhile can instantly offer clarity. Whilst the tussle between Apple IOS and Android shows no sign of easing – it’s what keeps the industry continually developing, after all – picking apart the particulars of each business mobile phone opens up a clearer perspective relevant to your unique operations. No two businesses are the same, so the way you run your business and how your team perform on a daily basis will create a specific set of requirements that will directly impact the business mobile phone that fits your operations like a glove.

Security: Is your business mobile phone keeping your data and reputation safe?

Now more than ever, security is at the forefront of businesses’ minds, so your business mobile phone shouldn’t be lapse in this area, perhaps more so than any other. Hacking methods and the ways in which data is being stolen are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated, putting pressure on business mobile phone devices to continually develop new means of achieving reliable security. Hardware and software security features in business mobile phone devices now stretch from facial recognition and fingerprint scanners to encryption and secure password storage, all in a bid to keep your business’s data safe. In fact, some of the most secure business mobile phone models out there even include real-time monitoring for tampering; as soon as these devices catch wind of malware or security threats, they instantly wipe their data and software before they fall into the wrong hands.

Whilst this level of protection might not be necessary for your business, you do need to know that the security within your business mobile phone will keep your emails, documents and data under lock and key. This isn’t just about ensuring the smooth running of your operations either, it’s about securing your business’s reputation and minimising the potential catastrophe of losing your clients’ valuable data, and trust.

Camera Quality: How important are visuals for your work?

The capabilities of a business mobile phone camera won’t be a deal-breaker for many, however for some this feature is essential. With the near-professional outputs that many business mobile phone cameras allow for today, megapixels, shooting modes and editing functionalities don’t just come into play for those in the creative industry. Let’s say you’re an architect visiting your latest site or a purchasing manager travelling to conferences, you’ll need your business mobile phone camera in order to relay the latest updates to those that matter through quality visuals, whether they be your team in the office or your audience on social media.

Which Business Mobile Phone: Choosing the device to fit your operations

RAM: Is multitasking a must for your business mobile phone?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, has a lot to say for the speed of your business mobile phone. Whilst it’s the CPU that impacts the general get-up-and-go of your device, the amount of RAM you have access to makes way for an important capability: multitasking. By taking instant snapshots of each app that’s open, RAM lets your team work seamlessly between apps without having to redo steps each time they reopen them. In this way, the more RAM your business mobile phone has, the better; you’ll be able to enjoy the process of running multiple apps without actually slowing down the speed of your device. This kind of performance power paves the way for some serious efficiency amongst your team, letting them utilise their business mobile phone models to get tasks done in fewer minutes, speeding up your processes.  

Battery Life: How on-the-go are your team?

How frequently do your team travel around the country to achieve your business targets? The notion of discussing the battery life of a business mobile phone might seem a little basic, although, with all of the latest functionalities that have stepped into the spotlight, it’s important to keep an eye on the battery life your business mobile phone is actually capable of. For example, you may need it to last through hours of video playback to display your work in meetings or handle multiple video calls in a row to keep you in close contact with clients and colleagues, by being wary of whether your business mobile phone will be able to keep up when you need it to, you can rely on all of its other functionalities to support your own performance.  

The above factors are just a few key considerations to look into when establishing which device will suit your operations, though there are more to put into the mix. You may need considerable internal storage for your device if your systems are yet to become fully cloud-based, or you might be seeking a device that can take advantage of a HDMI adapter to replicate and replace a desktop environment. Here at The One Solution, we offer unbiased, bespoke guidance for you to get to know the exact business mobile phone devices that your team can depend on. Contact us for guidance that’s tailored to you.

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