Mobile Battle: iPhone 15 vs Samsung Galaxy S24

iphone15 vs samsung Galaxy S24

This previous September saw the arrival of the latest generation of iPhones, the iPhone 15. And at the end of January, the Samsung Galaxy S24 became available for purchase. With every new mobile release from these tech titans, the question always arises, ‘Who’s winning the phone market?’. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look.

iPhone 15

There has been a big upgrade in the design of this new iPhone. Specifically with the addition of the dynamic island. This feature was only previously available on the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max mobile models and is a pill-box-shaped design feature that bubbles up alerts and live activities. You can check the weather, see who’s calling, track your workout, and more. 

The iPhone 15 still has the 6.1” Super Retina XDR screen that came with the iPhone 14, but it’s now about twice as bright as its predecessor! 

No change has been made to the battery for this new smartphone, but there is a game-changing upgrade in terms of charging the mobile. The iPhone 15 is now equipped with USB-C charging, which is the universal standard, allowing you to charge all your devices with the same cable.

Want high-resolution photos that feature amazing detail? Then the iPhone 15 is the one for you. Boasting a 48 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide advanced dual camera system, this device lets you shoot like a pro and features a zoom of 5x, 1x, and 2x.

The iPhone 15 mobile also delivers impressive performance, especially with the addition of the second-generation Ultra-Wideband chip, the A16 Bionic. This superfast chipset supports all the phone’s advanced features mentioned above.

Accompanying the iPhone 15 mobile are these different models: the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 mobile got some huge upgrades too, compared to the S23. The S24 comes with a new and faster chipset and a major shift to the new Galaxy AI software, which is embedded everywhere.

Key apps are supercharged with AI; the native Phone app now supports real-time translation of phone calls. It uses on-device AI, so your privacy is protected too.

The Samsung keyboard also gets a new Chat Assist feature, where, with the press of a button, you can translate messages and see suggestions for tweaking the tone of your texts. Meetings and voice memos can be transcribed and translated with Transcript Assist.

Searching for anything is made simple as Samsung partnered with Google to create the new Circle to Search feature, which is as straightforward as it sounds.

The camera on the S24 looks the same as the S23, but the image processing has improved a great deal.

The look of the Galaxy S24 is different from the from the S23, with flat sides that make it feel like an iPhone. The screen size is also slightly larger, but not such a drastic change that you’d notice. The peak brightness of the screen has jumped to 2,600 nits from 1,750 nits, making it easier to use outdoors.

This series of Samsung Galaxy mobile also has the options of the S24+ and S24 Ultra models.

The Key Differences

Choosing between either the Galaxy S24 or the iPhone 15 comes down to your individual preferences and what you’re looking to get from the smartphone.

If you’re looking to have generative AI in your hands, then you should be leaning towards the S24. There are a few generative AI features with the iPhone 15, and the Galaxy S24 has generative AI available in email, text, photos, voice memos, home, and more! With generative AI being featured more and more these days, Samsung pipping Apple to the post is a huge advantage.

If you’re wanting a smoother scroll, then again, the Galaxy S24 is the way to go. The S24 has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz to match the content displayed on the device. The iPhone 15’s refresh rate maxes out at only 60 Hz. The dynamic refresh rate makes for smoother video playback scrolling and is automatically lowered when static content is being displayed, like a photo. The S24 conserves battery and processing power. With a peak brightness of 2,600 nits, the S24’s screen remains legible when you’re out in bright lights, while the iPhone 15’s peak brightness is only 1,000 nits.

Not all advantages go to the S24. If you want a better resolution, then the iPhone 15 is for you. Its display is about 0.1 inches smaller than the Galaxy S24’s, yet its screen resolution and pixel density are higher, promising a more realistic and crisper image.

If you’re used to the Apple ecosystem and have multiple Apple devices, then you’ll find it easier to continue with the iPhone 15. Switching from one mobile to another is easy, and you can rely on them with few snags or bugs. A new iPhone will work seamlessly with your iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch, while you can’t use an Apple Watch with a Samsung phone.

The challenge for other mobile Manufactures

With the ongoing battle for smartphone supremacy being dominated by Apple and Samsung, who have a 23% (Apple) and 16% (Samsung) share of the smartphone market, and with new devices from the two coming out annually, where does that leave the other manufacturers?

Google, Sony, Motorola, and more are all in this group of cheaper and viable alternatives to iPhone or Galaxy S. Like choosing between an iPhone and a Galaxy S, it all comes down to your specific needs. For example:

The best alternative for cameras: Google Pixel

Best alternative for budget: OnePlus Nord

Best foldable alternative: Motorola Razr+

The best alternative for business: Motorola ThinkPhone

All these smartphones do, of course, have drawbacks when compared to the big guns from Apple and Samsung.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the smartphone market, the battle between Apple’s iPhone 15 and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 captivates consumers worldwide. Each new device brings its own set of innovations and upgrades, and these two new smartphones are no different.

It’s reasonable to argue that they’re both winning the phone market, completely blowing the other competitors out of the water. Which smartphone you select ultimately depends on your own priorities. Whether that’s cutting-edge AI features, smooth scrolling, or a seamless integration, there’s a device designed to suit your needs.

If you’d like to discuss a tailored phone deal for your business, you can get in contact with us here.

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