Choosing Between Mobile Phone Brands: Which one will be best for your business?

Choosing Between Mobile Phone Brands: Which one will be best for your business?

When it comes to choosing from all the mobile phone brands the world has to offer, the range can be quite overwhelming. Each of the most popular mobile phone brands has innovative assets and stylish features to offer, so how do you figure out which one you should be integrating within your business?


Samsung is certainly one of the leading mobile phone brands for businesses. Boasting sleek models such as the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10, there are many advantages to selecting Samsung as one of your favourite mobile phone brands. These latest models are known for having excellent screen quality and good cameras, so if your team need to get creative within their roles, one of these models will certainly see them through. They boast a lot of power and large storage, so if your staff need to save a lot of files whilst they’re on-the-go, they can do so with ease with a Samsung phone. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a handy stylus pen which will allow your team to make quick notes on their screens which they can save to view later. The downside to these phones is that there have been some reviews which suggest that the smart assistant leaves a lot to be desired and the battery life isn’t as good as some of the other mobile phone brands. If your team need to be out and about a lot of their working day, or if they need to have their hands free for other tasks, perhaps one of the other mobile phone brands would be a better choice.


Apple is arguably one of the most popular mobile phone brands, leading the way with modern models such as the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. The latest iPhone models offer full screen display and face ID, making it more difficult for anyone except the owner to unlock the device. Being one of the fastest and most powerful of all the mobile phone brands, one of these models would be ideal for your team members who need quick access to their many apps. There’s a good camera and good speakers for the creatives in your company, and a lot of storage for those who need access to a lot of files and data. Plus, the latest models now have the technology to have an eSIM as well as a normal SIM card. This means that your employees can effectively have two phone numbers on one phone; ideal for personal and business mobile needs and also for UK and abroad numbers if your team need to travel for work. What trips Apple up as one of the go-to mobile phone brands is the cost. At around £1,500 for the latest models, it’s no wonder businesses often choose alternative mobile phone brands for their communications needs, despite how user-friendly and advanced Apple technology is.

Choosing Between Mobile Phone Brands: Which one will be best for your business?


Huawei is possibly one of the less-talked-about mobile phone brands, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer your business everything you need and more. The latest models include the Mate 20 Pro and the P30 Pro, offering your field-based team the massive battery life they need to keep going all day. The latest models boast a triple lens camera, paired with OLED screens, making a seamless photography process for the photographers in your team. The devices are secure, with 3D face scanning and an in-screen fingerprint sensor, so there’s less danger of device infiltration. However, with software inclined to let bugs in, as well as concerns with regular updates, the security of these phones may not be able to compete with the other mobile phone brands. Plus, since the recent controversy over Huawei, it’s uncertain what the future holds for their relationship with Google and Android.


Google is one of the newer mobile phone brands on the market, with the latest models being the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3A. Both of these boast a really good camera, with the Pixel 3XL being arguably the best camera out of all the mobile phone brands. With ultra-fast charging, these models are great for your team members who are in and out of the office all day. Google lens comes with these latest models, making it easy for your team to search whatever they see in front of them. These phones also come with the Digital Wellbeing App, which allows your team to set limits on their screen time, which could be great for office wellbeing within your business. Google’s phones are always the first to get the latest Android updates, meaning they’re always ahead of the curve. Plus, the 3A is a fantastic phone if your communications budget is a tight one, being a mere fraction of the price of some of the other mobile phone brands. However, with no waterproofing, the Pixel 3A isn’t necessarily a good choice if your team need to be outside a lot. Also, the Pixel phones are pretty large, which could be cumbersome for your employees, particularly if they struggle to fit their phone in their pocket.

Choosing Between Mobile Phone Brands: Which one will be best for your business?


OnePlus is one of the more affordable mobile phone brands, with their middle of the range prices which don’t compromise on quality. With HD Display and a retractable camera on the latest 7 Pro, this is one of the mobile phone brands that will appeal to the creative minds in your team. With good battery as well as really fast charging abilities, these phones will keep going with your team all day and all night long if they need it to. Plus, with Zen Mode, your team can boost their wellbeing by aiming to reduce their screen time. One downside for some of your employees is that these phones are again quite big, which can look bulky and out of place for your client-facing team members.

When considering the mobile phone brands which will be the best for your business, the main checklist to bear in mind includes whether you’ll need iOS or Android, the quality of the camera, the battery life and ease of charging, the screen size, the storage and memory and the water resistance. The list of mobile phone brands available to you and your business is extensive, so give us a call at The One Solution on 0330 094 5545 or contact us here for the guidance around mobile phone brands, tariffs and security you need to let your communications operations thrive.

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