Telecommunications In The Current Climate

Telecommunications In The Current Climate

The past six months have been a time of unparalleled transition and transformation, adapting to the impact of COVID-19. The telecommunications market, just as every other market, has suffered a small amount of stagnation as everything briefly ground to a halt. As the world starts taking steps to return to normal, signs of economic revitalisation and improvement are everywhere. But what does this post-Coronavirus ‘normal’ look like?

Although the era of social gatherings taking place solely via the internet may be coming to a close, the comfort and convenience of using the home as a workplace might well echo longer term than the pandemic itself. It has been estimated that at this year’s peak approximately 60% of the UK workforce were doing their jobs remotely, which caused a massively increased acquisition of VoIP services and other solutions to working remotely. The use of Zoom has boomed in the past six months, with their rate of daily users ballooning from ten million to three hundred million in just four months! This unprecedented growth has also led to an uptick in other audio-visual orientated communication services such as Microsoft Teams, which expanded by 12 million users in just one week in April, and the business-orientated 8×8.

As of this month, there is a distinct thrust towards the future and planning into it. People are becoming more and more receptive to discussing their communication needs and the stipulations surrounding them. These conversations are markedly different to those held before the Covid-19 pandemic, with many businesses and individuals reassessing their priorities and searching for continuity and a conclusion to what they have learned over such a challenging period. In previous years when conducting a mobile review with our clients the principle issues were new tariffs, new devices and maybe introducing a new network. Now that focus has shifted considerably to the mobile data available on the tariffs that we offer and the capabilities of home broadband networks.

A consequence of higher amounts of time being spent at home for work (and recreation) is that data usage has leapt forward a significant amount. Particularly in the case of heavy-duty remote workers whose usage of online services has grown vastly since the dawn of lockdown, meaning their Wi-Fi at home is struggling to keep up with their demand for bandwidth. Trying to run your own office at home with limited broadband, maybe including the use of several devices simultaneously, multiple virtual meetings a day and constant e-mail communication, is more than frustrating. It can be a serious roadblock in achieving your goals and stop working from home from being the pleasant experience it could be otherwise. This issue has also had a knock-on effect in increasing the use of data even further, particularly from people utilising their mobile or tablet’s data tethering capabilities when their broadband has failed them.

This wide-spread trend of radical reconsideration is leading many to scrutinise whether their current model of communications best meets their work and play requirements, creating opportunities for businesses like us. Here at The One Solution we specialise in future-proof solutions to telecommunications problems, which is currently a fertile ground for those searching for a more modern system that will surpass their expectations and endure for many years to come.

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