How Far Can Internet Telephony Take Your Business?

How Far Can Internet Telephony Take Your Business?

When it comes to your telephony practices within your business, there are methods both new and old that are there to help streamline your communications. Simply put, telephony is the passing of data through electronic means, be that a laptop, a mobile phone, a landline or even a fax machine. Since fax machines are less commonly used today, this data is usually a voice. It’s the technology which gives us the power to have phone communication, mobile communication and Internet calling, as well as store voicemail messages, receive faxes and even partake in video conferences.

Telephony began with the simple telephone, but now there’s a plethora of electronics which enable us to communicate. As technology advances, we now can make use of Internet telephony as well as traditional. Internet telephony offers everything that traditional telephony offers and more, opening up limitless opportunities for your business to enjoy.

Internet Telephony

Telephony which uses the Internet as its power source has a multitude of advantages which will work to streamline the operations of your business. Telephony which uses your IP address, such as VoIP, offers the functionality to be able to access unlimited voicemail, send emails, use chat features, and use video calls, as well as boasting low-cost fax transmissions and low-cost landline and cellular calls.

Internet telephony has the power to seriously cut down your communications bill, requires no installation of hardware and offers many more functions than traditional telephony.

How Far Can Internet Telephony Take Your Business?


Using the Internet for your telephony needs means that your communications can now be portable. With VoIP as your aid, Internet telephony enables you to make or receive calls, texts, emails and voicemails wherever you are; all you need is a reliable Wi-Fi or Internet connection. This means that Internet telephony is great if your team need to be on the go for most of their working day.

Traditional telephony can still work really well for totally desk-based operations, but when you throw VoIP into the mix, this further enables your team to make the most of calling overseas or video conferencing, with the option to remain connected when they do have to go out of the office.

Scalability of Systems

Whilst traditional telephony is great for calling local, these old fashioned phone lines can limit the connections within your business. Being the most well-known Internet telephony system, VoIP gives your business scalability. Using the Internet to communicate, your VoIP connections can grow as your business does, giving your team the opportunities to connect with clients whenever and wherever they need to.


Internet telephony has taken the business world by storm in recent years, thanks to its low-cost and reliable nature. Because these telephony systems like VoIP use the Internet to make calls, the cost of keeping in touch is significantly reduced.

Whereas traditional telephony uses phone lines to make calls, resulting in expensive conversations, Internet telephony sends your voice or your data over your business’s IP network, meaning you only need to pay for your broadband connection. This is an incredible asset to your company if you have to make a lot of calls, particularly if you often need to make overseas calls.

How Far Can Internet Telephony Take Your Business?

Conference Calls

Because Internet telephony systems don’t need phone lines to function, participating in conference calls becomes far easier. Without the need for added lines and additional costs, video conferences can quite literally be at your fingertips, allowing face-to-face communication with both clients and the rest of your team.

Traditional telephony does allow for conference calls, but this can quickly see your communications bill skyrocket, as your phone line will need to host multiple callers, resulting in a hefty fee. With Internet telephony by your side, these conference calls will be at no extra cost, making your meetings significantly more cost-effective.

Efficient Client Interaction

Internet telephony is the system you need to keep your clients just a phone call away at all times. Your team can be anywhere in the world, and at the touch of just a few buttons, they can be in contact with your clients on a global scale.

Internet telephony systems like VoIP enable you to forward calls wherever you need them to go, so your team won’t miss out on any more important phone calls. With Internet telephony at the core of your operations, your clients can be reached wherever they are, and wherever your team are; all your team need is that all-important Internet connection.

When it comes to telephony within your business, it’s clear that Internet telephony is the way to go. Boating all sorts of benefits such as efficiency-enhancing features and the streamlining of your operations, Internet telephony is the cost-effective tool that will help your business run as smoothly as possible. Give us a ring at The One Solution on 0330 094 5545 or contact us here to give your business the Internet telephony make-over it needs to increase productivity in your workplace and beyond.

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